Alumni Interview Series

Alumni Interview Series

The Alumni Interview Series is meant to give Haskayne Consulting Club (HCC) members insight on how HCC Alumni were able to succeed both at school and in the workplace. HCC hopes that this initiative will both inspire our members to learn more about consulting and provide examples of success stories in the industry.

Series 1 – Steps

The topic ‘Steps’ is meant to highlight the steps alumni have taken to achieve their successes. This includes the steps they took to do well in school and other opportunities taken to get to where they work today. HCC hopes this information will prove valuable to students wondering what they can do in their own lives to help shape their career path and make themselves known in the consulting industry.

Episode 1 : Jarod Tsang


Jarod Tsang graduated from the Haskayne School of Business with a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting in Spring 2020. During his time at Haskayne, Jarod was a member of the Haskayne Consulting Club Executive Team for three years, serving in many roles including President. Aside from the Haskayne Consulting Club, Jarod was also a member of the DeNovo Student Fund.


He has worked in oil and gas, private equity, accounting and is currently working as a consultant for Deloitte in their finance and performance practice.